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Our mission at Brass Ring Dance ("BRD") is to create safer, inclusive and accessible dance spaces for children and youth in rural towns of Ontario. 

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As an organization, Brass Ring Dance (“BRD”) understands that there are many dynamics, issues, and needs to attend to in order to build accessible, ethical and safer dance spaces. There are three main areas in which we do our best to develop and implement these kinds of spaces:


BRD’s main priority is to provide financial support to individual children and youth who are financially precarious and need support in paying for dance tuition, costumes, shoes & attire, PowWow regalia materials and other dance related fees. 


BRD offers in studio training to better wrap dance studios off dance classes for people with disabilities. 

Want to learn more? Join our Inclusive Dance Studio Training now. 


We bring quality dance classes in various styles to indigenous communities that may not have easy access to dance.

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At the age of 13, founder Allie Laliberte took her first dance class in the town of Midland Ontario at the local dance studio. Her interest first sparked when her father, Paul Laliberte, began watching the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. Quickly after her first dance class, Allie was hooked. Although it was a large financial commitment for her family, Allie joined the competitive dance team and began dancing nearly everyday of the week while also balancing school and part-time employment. Allie’s love continued to grow for the art and bonded over it immensely with her father.


Allie began travelling to Toronto and other surrounding cities to pursue her training in 2012. That same year, when Allie was 17, she lost her father unexpectedly. Shortly after, Allie decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Paul often said to her  “I’m going to see you up on that TV one day”, and she was determined to prove him right. After more than a decade long journey, Allie is now a professional dancer living and working in Los Angeles, California. With her many appearances on TV, her Dad’s predictions became true.  


Paul Laliberte had two loves, his daughters and his boat called “The Brass Ring”. In honor of her father, Allie founded our organization and named it Brass Ring Dance. Brass Ring Dance Project is an organization intended to help young dancers tackle the financial stress of dance, as well as the many other hurdles young artists in dance face. Allie’s father played a significant role in her drive and dedication for dance, and it is our hope that we can follow in his foot steps. 



Cathy Ross
- The Dancers Studio -

"The Dancers Studio is very excited to welcome Brass Ring Dance to Midland and the surrounding area. Thank you for helping young Dancers achieve their dreams."


Anna Mullin 
- Local Dancer -

"It’s so refreshing to see intelligent and passionate individuals look out for younger artists. I applaud the work that you’ve all done, and hope you know that what you’re doing has already helped so many people feel seen."

Stephanie Gendron
- Georgian Bay School of Dance -

"We are so excited to work with Brass Ring Dance and look forward to supporting their efforts to share the joy of dance and help make dance accessible to everyone."

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