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Ethical & Accountability Statement

BRD recognizes that we are on Indigenous Peoples’ land which is actively being colonized, and where Indigenous Nations are being subject to genocidal practices and systemic neglect. BRD commits itself to working in relationship with Indigenous Peoples both broadly and locally in the areas within our mandate. 


BRD also acknowledges that many styles of dance are rooted in Black Indigeneity, where these styles were borne out of Black struggle, creativity, love, and community. We also recognize that due to capitalism and the cost of accessing dance, as well as various systems of oppression such as white supremacy and anti-Black racism, Black communities continue to be pushed out of dance spaces. BRD commits itself to ensuring our programming brings to light and honours this ongoing history of Black struggle and creativity.


BRD also commits itself to creating an environment that actively challenges and works against any form of racism, anti-fatness, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, sanism, xenophobia, classism, and Islamophobia.

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